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Manchester here I come!

Hi everyone,

Well I'm leaving early tomorrow morning. Am getting quite nervous. I have no idea what to expect. I suppose right now I'm mainly worrying about what my flatmates will be like, which is pretty important. They've got a lot to live up to considering my previous ones. I also want to apologise in advance as I might not get the chance to write anything for a couple of weeks. Don't know whether I'll have internet in my room and I can never stand queuing up in university computer rooms - I'll try but then get frustrated and walk away. When I do get internet sorted out, I'll send you my address and phone number in the hope that people send me things, visit me or ring (we don't have cheap Vorwahle here!).

Hope everyone's well and happy.


Linse am 15.9.06 12:34

Schoene Fotos - danke Christian.
Linse am 9.9.06 18:00

Hier sind noch ein paar Bilder von der Limo und von deiner Party. Leider waren meine Akkus sehr schnell alle, konnte nur ein paar Minuten lang fotografieren.

PS.: Ich lade meine Fotos übrigens immer bei hoch. Das verbraucht dann keinen Speicherplatz auf dem Blog. 

Christian am 7.9.06 21:50

Wenn jemand weiss, wie man das extra bild loeschen kann ohne das das andere geloescht wird, kann er oder sie das machen bitte. danke. Manchmal hasse ich komputer! Ich habe auch bestaetigt, was mareike gesagt hat ueber zu viele bilder. mit noch drei, ist der website ausgerastet.


linse am 5.9.06 19:57

linse am 5.9.06 19:05

kenwood kennels

hier sind fotos von meine lieblingstiere zu hause. es gibt mich mit stanley und marfa den ponys und dann edward der esel und vielleicht auch iolo und nigel die enten oder gaenzen - nicht sicher, wenn es klappt. wir haben auch truthaehner, die mein vater zu weihnachten toeten will aber ich dachte es waere traurig euch fotos von den zu zeigen.

linse am 5.9.06 18:58

Wow - cool cd cover!!!! You always know how to capture me at my best Christian! Can't wait to hear it. Do know that I'll be in halls of residence but not sure about address. I'll mail it when I get it. Guess what? Bought a laptop today and some assics (£10) - 2 things i've been wanting for a long time. I think the laptop marks the beginning of my being a student, as that was always my main moan, working but not having a laptop. It's cool too and only £400. This means I'll definitely be able to write to you all loads. I'm afraid Mareike that the weather here is quite nice - a bit of sun and fresh sea air, it's refreshing but makes me tired. Not much else to report, just very relaxed and happy. I'm going to the local to have a pint and watch kayleigh play darts now, and Adel's cd is playing ben kweller in the background. all is good.

Wish you better weather and all fun whatever you are doing this week, especially timm and jonas at your leaving party on tuesday.

Well done, Jonas for figuring out the blog!

And Wanja, just watched your present again and showed my family - they all loved it and my mum praised the sensitive germans. Hope all is good in spain.


Linse am 4.9.06 20:26

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